Chairman of the Council of Association
Matchanov Kh.

Vice-Chairman of the Council of Association
Ibragimov R.

General director or Association Xamroev D.


We represent to your attention the Uzbek International Forwarders Association (UIFA), formed and entered into ordinary members of the International Federation of Forwarding Associations (FIATA) in 1996.
The association is voluntary confederation of the legal persons - managing subjects, irrespective of patterns of ownership and organization and legal structure united to coordinat their activity, and also represent and protect general interests. The Association integrates the enterprises and organizations which carry out transport and forwarding activity, and also render service at a storage, handle cargoes, carry out customs procedures, declaration, chartering, insurance of cargoes, risks and other services.
At present the Association includes 20 organizations: 11 ordinary members, 4 of which are the associated members of FIATA, 9 individual members.
The Uzbek International Forwarders Association is registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan (registration number 1152).
By the order of the Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 133-f of 02.04.97 the Uzbek International Forwarders Association was authorized to execute a task on maintenance of the further development of transport-forwarding services in Uzbekistan according to the international norms and requirements of FIATA, and also realization of uniform policy in field of cargoes' forwarding.
The association executes its activity according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About non-state and non-commercial organizations", other acts and the Articles of Association.
The basic purpose of the Association is the creation of the most favorable conditions for qualitative and duly performance of a complex of transport-forwarding services and development of forwarding industry in the country as a whole, and also assistance to realization and activation of a successful appearance of the members of Association to the international market of transport and forwarding services.